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Member Questionaire: Bellee

1. What is your name? Bellee
2. Do you write under any nom de plumes? not seriously
3. Do you have a personal site featuring your writings? Have your writings been published, in print or online? is a place that lots of things have ended up...check my lj for other things. does the prelude count as published? heh. soon, one hopes, this answer will change.
4. What genres do your writings fall into? mostly poetry (formal, prose, freeverse), but also some creative non-fiction and (bad) fiction. i've also done some drama.
5. What sort of critique do you give? i try to be as straightforward as possible, without hurting feelings. (if i'm ever bitchy, *tell me so*, and know that it isn't personal.)
6. Which genres are you willing to critique? anything, really, though i'm best with poetry.
7. What sort of critique do you appreciate? something hard, something true, nothing gushy.
8. What sort of critique do you abhor? "that's nice, i like that." be specific, and don't be afraid that you'll hurt my won't.
9. What is your career of choice? What do you actually do? poet and professor. right now i'm an MFA student at georgia college, and i work on arts&letters.
10. Is there anything else you think we should know about you up front? sometimes i come off as bitchy. i'm really's an online thing, i swear. my intention is *never* to hurt people. if you've got something to say to me, say it. i'll listen and accomodate.
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