Peter (worshipper) wrote in writersasylum,

Member Questionnaire: Peter

1. What is your name? Peter. Have you been paying attention at all?

2. Do you write under any nom de plumes? Not yet. Will likely begin soon, though.

3. Do you have a personal site featuring your writings? Have your writings been published, in print or online? I've had a couple of blogs, and sometimes I've used them as staging grounds, but mostly it's been non-fiction.

4. What genres do your writings fall into? Well, I suppose a few are horror. Teen melodrama is also popular. One unfinished fantasy. I've never been good at genre labels. They're fictional, if that helps.

5. What sort of critique do you give? Um...been a while. I don't do a lot of critiquing. General readability, cohesiveness, originality, allusion, etc. I guess.

6. Which genres are you willing to critique? Well, poetry is something I know nothing about, so that's it.

7. What sort of critique do you appreciate? The sort that gives viable advice on how to improve the style or plotting. A little more descriptive than "this doesn't make sense" or "this is stupid."

8. What sort of critique do you abhor? See previous answer.

9. What is your career of choice? What do you actually do? Well, my ultimate career plan is to buy an island where I can build a fortress and have beautiful naked women feed me grapes. But right now I'm working in my college's bookstore.

10. Is there anything else you think we should know about you up front? I feel a bit light, like I do when I haven't eaten. But I ate like two hours ago. Hrm.
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