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I'm finally recovered (I think) from NaNoWriMo, where I have emerged victorious and hand damaged ;)
Sadly, everything Live Journal related experienced lack of attention while I tried to type more in a month than I ever had before. Things should be back to normal, soon. (Right?)
1. What is your name? Living Fire
2. Do you write under any norm de plumes? None, though I would like one. I've just had a hard time finding one that I like that hasn't been used in a character in a book!
3. Do you have a personal site featuring your writings? Have your writings been published, in print or on line? My Live Journal is currently the only place that I'm posting any of my writing (though you won't find too much there)
4. What genres do your writings fall into? Fantasy
5. What sort of critique do you give? I like to do "sandwich critiques" where I talk about the good points, mention the things that need some work (and possibly offer suggestions, examples, or reasons why I feel it needs work), and then finish up with some other good things about the work.
6. Which genres are you willing to critique? Fantasy, Sci-Fi, possibly some poetry
7. What sort of critique do you appreciate? Well, I like the kind that I give, obviously, but I can deal with almost any critique as long as people aren't being cruel and if they give me reasons. A critique (in my opinion) is supposed to be a teaching device, and "this part doesn't work" isn't very educational, while "you are in love with your own descriptions and I think the pace of the story would improve if you didn't spend four paragraphs discussing her hair in the middle of a battle" would be far more educational.
8. What sort of critique do you abhor? Cruelty. Dishonest critiques (where the critique is cruel, but the critic insists with wide eyed innocence) "but I'm just being honest!". Critiques that are used to tear down, instead of build up.
9. What is your career of choice? What do you actually do? My career of choice? I'm still not sure ;) Today though, I think it's folklorist. I actually work in customer service.
10. Is there anything else you think we should know about you up front? I'm a terrible speller. I know that. I'm working on improving it. I use spell check whenever possible. I have an outre sense of humour.
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