Negative Image/Positive Reflection (afterimages) wrote in writersasylum,
Negative Image/Positive Reflection

Member's Questionnarie: afterimages

1. What is your name? Azreal Marshall Darkchyld

2. Do you write under any nom de plumes? not really

3. Do you have a personal site featuring your writings? Have your writings been published, in print or online? Nope, I lack the time and caressed html skills. As for online, I've got a poem on Literotica, but that's about it. I've got other works, mostly...role playing snippits that someone tried to immortalize me and JM's characters as

4. What genres do your writings fall into? all of them, it depends on my mood, but mostly adventure with a slant against the biblical

5. What sort of critique do you give? unbiased and it depends on what I'm reading for the class of critique. If it's humor, I point out things that didn't make sense, if it's serious, I look for loopholes in arguments. You know the deal.

6. Which genres are you willing to critique? Any, all

7. What sort of critique do you appreciate? Real ones, not ego buffers

8. What sort of critique do you abhor? ego buffers. "IT's really good"...doesn't help me.

9. What is your career of choice? What do you actually do? Computer networking or CEO of my own dominion. As for what I actually do, pouch clerk..why? this is alabama

10. Is there anything else you think we should know about you up front? You people already know enough, and those that don't...I'm an experience you won't forget, though you may think you'd like to
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