Our Lady Jack (fireriven) wrote in writersasylum,
Our Lady Jack

Welcome and Rules

Thank you for your interest in this community. I'm pleased to see you all here and wish to take this post to outline the few rules we'll have around here.

What to Post

Please only post your original work. Anything original is welcome: your short stories, novels in progress, poems, even essays.

Longer posts should be lj-cut. If anyone here doesn't know how to do that, please comment on this post and I will direct you to the livejournal faq page for the command.

If there is any sort of explicit content in your work (read: sex or gratuitous violence), please place it behind an lj-cut with a warning.

How to Post

When posting, please use one of the following terms in the subject line. This should help make the archives easier to navigate.

Critique: This obviously indicates the author wishes for the piece to be critiqued. In addition to this, the author may wish to indicate what sort of critique she does or does not want. That information should be clearly presented before the body of the piece.

Discussion: This would indicate a post that does not contain writing, but rather a point or a topic put up for discussion with the members of the community. All posts under this category should be relevant to the topic of writing.

Show: This indicates the author does not wish the piece to be critiqued but merely read. This is appropriate for pieces that have been previously critiqued by the community where the author wishes to demonstrate that revisions have been made.

Exercise: From time to time, an (optional) exercise may be posted to the community for members to take part in (if they wish). Anyone may post an exercise; however, members should be aware of other posts and not post multiple exercises per week. The writing provoked by these exercises should be posted as responses to the original Exercise post. Unless, of course, the piece grows beyond the boundaries of the original exercise and becomes a whole separate piece in need of a proper critique. Members are encouraged, if they take part in an Exercise post, to read over the other responses and comment at will.

Inspirational: If you come across a picture or a quote or a saying that you find to be extremely inspirational, feel free to post it with this label in the subject line. Go for items that are inspiring in general, not something that is more personally inspiring (to you, and of your work rather than applicable to everyone). Don't over-do this category.

Informational: This tag will be in the subject line of whatever posts I make containing administrative messages. I should be the only one making these posts, detailing updates to the journal, changes in policy, or something of the sort.

A Few Things to Remember

All works posted remain under the copyright of their respective authors. I strongly suggest that all posts be locked to the community to safeguard your copyrights.

While there are no requirements in this community in regards to posting, I would remind you that the benefit you reap from this community will be in direct proportion to the work you put into the community. Critiquing others' can also teach you about writing even as reading the critiques of your own work. Please participate: it's what we're here to do.

Flaming will not be tolerated.

Please do not post off-topic. Writing is the topic here: anything relating to writing is acceptable. We all have personal journals for other issues.

As moderator, I reserve the right to place on probation, or outright ban, anyone who flouts the rules above. A warning system will be used to allow you time to correct your behavior prior to ejection.

I think that's about it. In a few moments, I will be posting a short questionnaire that I encourage everyone to fill out.

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