Lauren (loren2582) wrote in writersasylum,

Member Questionnaire--Lauren Lashley

1. What is your name? Lauren Lashley
2. Do you write under any nom de plumes? Amanda Hillyard, at least once.
3. Do you have a personal site featuring your writings? Have your writings been published, in print or online? I don't have a site, but I do have a creative non piece at Assumption University's website.
4. What genres do your writings fall into? the stuff i've written so far has been regular fiction and bad poetry--but i'm thinking of branching out.
5. What sort of critique do you give? i like to think that they're helpful.
6. Which genres are you willing to critique? any
7. What sort of critique do you appreciate? nothing that's out to beat me down and make me wish i'd never been born...if it's not that it's okay.
8. What sort of critique do you abhor? anything that beats me down and makes me wish i'd never been born--negative, instead of constructive.
9. What is your career of choice? What do you actually do? well, i want to teach English lit and English language in Latin America (pref Mexico), but right now i'm a GTA in grad school.
10. Is there anything else you think we should know about you up front? Well, as i said, i'm in grad school, but i also teach freshmen comp, and have a recently "adopted" two year old little girl.
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